Craig McCarthy Launches New iTunes Podcast And Live Radio Show

In this video:

00:10 – Men’s Health Awareness Program
00:42 – Social Media Pulse podcast by Craig McCarthy
01:13 – Google Adwords advertising rules
02:17 – Pinterest launched Pinterest for Business
02:38 – Get Pinterest’s Pin It button on your bookmark toolbar
02:59 – FiLMiC Pro 2 app for a sharper video

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Hi I’m Craig McCarthy and this is your MonkeyBuild.Com online marketing news update.

Movember and men’s health issues

You might notice I’m not looking as clean cut as I normally am because I’m sporting my Movember mustache. Movember is a program raising funds and awareness to support men’s health issues, and they did an interesting thing in this year’s campaign. They prompted everyone who has signed up to leave their story about men’s health issues and their mobile phone number so it’s easy for local media to run local stories on Movember. That’s a great tip.Make sure you’re making it easy as possible for media to pick up and run stories about you and your business.

Announcing our new podcast

I’m excited to announce our new radio show and podcast. It’s called Social Media Pulse and it is streaming live on on Friday 3PM (AEST) every week, and it will be available as a podcast download soon after. The show is brought to you by myself and Chey Ainsworth from Page One Web Studio and it’s designed to help you build an online community using Social Media.

5873 Craig McCarthy custom image 250x300 Craig McCarthy Launches New iTunes Podcast And Live Radio Show

Social Media Pulse

How not to violate Google’s user safety advertising policy

An Interesting thing happened this week when a new client came to me asking to run some Google AdWords advertising. We submitted an Ad to Google and immediately got a response back saying that they would not send traffic to the website because it violated user safety advertising policy. This site has been around for a few years. It’s a health and fitness website that has got a few backlinks and a lot of pages indexed but it wasn’t getting a lot of traffic and also wasn’t ranking for many keywords.

We contacted Google and they came back to us saying that they wanted us to “tone down the language” used in testimonials. They didn’t want us to say things like “I lost 2 kilograms in two weeks”, and also they wanted us to put a disclaimer everywhere we spoke about the possible results of the products and services.

There are a couple of tips here. Keep that in mind when prompting people for testimonials and maybe record two or three testimonials. And also, make sure you’re checking on your Google Webmaster Tools for any messages or notes from Google suggesting that they are not happy with your website.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest has just launched Pinterest for Business.You can now separate your personal pictures folder from your business pictures folder, and they’ve also introduced private boards. Now, I notice in my Google Analytics account of some of my clients that they are getting some good traffic from Pinterest.  The thing I like best about Pinterest is the “Pin It” button that you can add to your Google Chrome bookmarks toolbar and whenever you want to pin an image from a post or a page, just go to that page and click the “Pin It” button and it will bring up all available images on that page and you can pin them and they will link back to your page.

FiLMiC Pro 2 app for producing videos on your iPhone

You might notice my videos are a lot sharper this week. I’ve started using the FiLMiC Pro 2 app for iPhone which is available in the app store for less than $10. It lets you adjust the focus, the zoom, the resolution, and also turn on your flash when you’re recording your videos. A great tip from FiLMiC Pro 2 is, don’t use the front camera on your iPhone because it has very low resolution.

If you have any feedback or comments, please leave them below and have a great week.



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